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How you manage and benefit from your IP, patent protection is important to us.

Commercialising your intellectual property and managing / enforcing your legal rights is a team effort requiring a special set of skills from a variety of industry disciplines. It’s very easy to slip-up if you don’t know what you are doing. We take client management seriously and are dedicated to ensuring you have resource and support you need to benefit from your legal rights. 

Register a Patent, Leeds, UK

To monetise and commercialise your patent, you need the tangible assets to validate and verify, resonate and connect. That’s why, in partnership with the UK's best designers, prototype builders and marketing agencies we can provide everything you need to deliver your objective.   

Patent sale

For many IP owners, selling their creative work is their primary focus. Whilst monetary certainty is one of the key drivers for this approach, selling and assigning intellectual property to an-other takes time, focus and know-how. With one-off payments at the heart of negotiations, every dot needs to align for a buyer to pay the asking price and add additions to their IP portfolio.

Through smart process we gather the evidence to value position and offer the market with a business opportunity that’s hard to refute. 

Patent management

Effectively managing intellectual property and the performance of those authorised to use it can be complex, particularly if the licensee is a multi-national or global brand.  Auditing what is owed and monitoring performance is challenging. The terms agreed need to be delivered as promised and any problems and issues quickly and efficiently addressed and resolved.

Utilising multiple disciplines, from forensic accountancy to market measurements and analytics, we ensure the agreements you enter with others are delivered as promised  

Patent Licensing - Bluem - Patent Attorney in Leeds, UK
IP Licensing - Bluem - Patent Attorney in Leeds, UK

Patent licensing

For those wishing to take a more entrepreneur approach, licensing is the alternative. However, licensing does come with its challenges, in particular managing and auditing payment settlements. Although the risk for the licensor is low to none, accountability and performance of the licencee are the vital elements that need to be addressed for a long-term and successful outcome.    

Utilising intelligence and forensics, we value position and enter the marketplace applying transformative strategies and proven methodologies.

Product launch

Product launch is both an art and science. The art of messaging and the science of adapting the message to engage and resonate with the audience.  Focus is vital for efficiency and to encourage the audience to take notice. You need to choose the best combination of channels, in the right order with tried and tested messaging to deliver a positive result. 

Through ethnographics and proven methodologies, we help launch, present to buyers, boost awareness and maximise every sales and marketing channel to power growth

Design and graphics

Whatever your marketing approach, it’s vital you have physical samples to show and present. Samples that are indistinguishable from a production unit. Only by implementing an intelligence led design and development plan can the exacting specification and graphical elements be produced that leads to the production of market ready samples.


Utilising expertise and technology our design partners will produce the commercial specification and graphic elements needed for sampling and marketing. 

Bluem - Patent Agent in Leeds, UK

Having something tangible is the only way to access and validate the commerciality of your project and prove to others you have something worth buying, licensing and investing in. No buyer, licensee or investor will express interest or offer you a fair deal if they cannot and those they need to support the project  assess fit-for-purpose .


Applying latest processes and high-tech technologies our prototyping partners will build the all-important prototypes and samples to open up the options and opportunities.

Patent Lawyer in Leeds, UK
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