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How to apply for a patent ! 

If you have a new product idea invention and wish to commercialise it. You need to protect it. You need to secure ownership of your creative work.  


A patent is a document that discloses the spirit and the technical aspects of the new product idea invention and is made up of four parts :


  • A written description.

  • Drawings.

  • Claims that define the technical features.

  • An abstract’ summarising the invention.

Once the application has been completed, filing the patent application with the IPO is relatively straight-forward. Form 1 ‘Request for Grant of a Patent’ needs to be completed and forwarded together with the patent application to the UK IPO.


Once the UK IPO receives the application they will respond by issuing a filing receipt which includes the application number and the ‘filing date’ of the application.


However, not all new products, ideas and inventions can be patented and or should be pursued.


It is therefore important to consider all the facts before the application is made. After all, there’s no point in investing good money at patenting a product, idea or invention when there's little or no benefit in doing so. 

Our absolute adherence to commerciality means we only concentrate and support projects that are commercial, viable and feasible. Importantly have genuine business value. 


To confirm your project is patentable, we undertake a comprehensive assessment (free of charge) which includes a worldwide patent search, to spotlight the road ahead, uncover any potential conflicts, threats and risks. 


Our assessment provides the confidence that should you apply for a patent, it will produce a positive result.


What is a Patent

A patent is a legal right granted by a country's government. It informs the world you are the legal owner of the patented material e.g. product, invention, specification and grants an exclusive right to freely pursue it (without competition) within the country for a limited period.


Patents make it illegal for anyone except the owner or someone with the owner’s permission to make, use, import or sell the patented material in the country where the patent was granted. 

Patents cover products or processes that contain new functional or technical aspects, how they work, how they are made or what they are made of. Such as electronics, medicines, agriculture and transport. Anything in fact from a small detail in an electric switch to an entire power station.

We help creatives, inventors and innovators patent their creativity by applying intelligent and meaningful strategies

From drafting, compiling and filing a patent to negotiating licensing terms, we will help you robustly secure your creative works and power ahead.  


Our technical expertise combined with our product development business background means we offer what no other agency offers and can see what others cannot and don’t see.


Not restricted by structure or silos, our flexibility and agility allows us to identify commercial issues and provide vital direction to deliver your objective.

Our absolute adherence to commerciality not only ensures you have the best legal protection you genuinely need but also the on-going business support. 


We are more than your IP partner, we're your business partner. A commercial professional team committed to making sure you are fully equipped to unlock the full potential of your creative talent.   

Do you want to file a patent

  • We will provide an honest appraisal on your project and examine patent suitability.

  • Make suggestions to improve the commerciality of your design and your chances of obtaining a grant.

  • Undertake a patent search prior to proceeding with the application process.

  • Prepare and file your UK, international application and pursue it through to grant.

  • Deal with any objections and maintain and file renewals.

  • Advise on ways of leveraging your IP rights including using the Patent Box.

  • Assist with the transfer of your rights to a third party.

Book your free assessment to confirm your new idea invention is patentable

If you have a new product idea invention and you wish to patent it, you need file a patent application with the UK Intellectual Property Office.


If the UK IPO decide your new product idea invention is patentable, the patent application will be granted – which can now take approx four years after the application has been made. 


To confirm your project is patentable, book your free patent assessment (free of charge) which includes a worldwide patent search, to spotlight the road ahead, uncover any potential conflicts, threats and risks. 



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