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PCT Application in Leeds, UK

Why bluem - Patent Agent Attorney Leeds

European Patent Attorney in Leeds, UK

What makes us different

We are more than just a patent attorney, we are a professional management team, dedicated to helping inventors unlock the potential of their new product idea inventions. 

IP Law Firms in Leeds, UK

Client Management


Progressing forward with a new idea can be one of the most rewarding journeys, however it can also be the most costly - if you get it wrong. We recognise most designers and inventors who instruct a IP attorney, are not just wanting to protect their creative work, they are looking for commercial  advice and support to progress forward. We take client management seriously and pride ourselves in listening carefully, understanding needs, requirements and objectives.

Qualified, commercially on point

Our team consists of professionals in a variety of technical sectors and industry disciplines. From intellectual property law to licensing and negotiations, we are the only agency in the UK with a complete A-Z pipeline. Our strong commercial background in product development and design, branding, packaging and production, allows us (should you need it) to take a more hands-on approach in delivering your objective.  This means we offer what no other agency offers and can see what others don’t see. Allowing quick identification of commercial issues and vital commercial direction that makes a tangible impact.

Connections and contacts

So you’ve patent protected your product, mark and design, but what next ? We’ve taken time to build a network of real value in many specialisms and disciplines - making us the most complete agency in the UK. Our partnerships with product designers, engineers, graphic experts, manufacturers, marketing professionals and funding streams  provides the pipeline to explore all the options and opportunities. For example, should it be your objective to license your patent, we have the network to value position your project, launch it, market and promote it to the target audience and negotiate agreeable terms and conditions.  

Patent and Trademark Attorney in Leeds, UK
Patent Solicitor in Leeds, UKssing forward with a new invention idea can be one of the most rewarding journeys, however it can also be the most costly - if you get it wrong. We recognise most designers and inventors who instruct a patent attorney agent, are not just wanting to patent their creative work, they are looking for commercial  patent advice and support to progress forward.
Patent Lawyer in Leeds, UK

Quality not quantity


Not all products, marks and designs can be patent protected and should be pursued. Our absolute adherence to commerciality means we only concentrate and support projects that have genuine business value. There’s no point in investing good money protecting a product, mark or design when there is little chance of success !  That’s why we carry out a multi-point assessment to establish viability and feasibility on every project that comes through the door.  The aim of our multi-point assessment is to  identify commerciality and highlight the pros and cons. Which allows us to provide honest considered advice on how best to move forward... or not !. 

Costs and fees

Our charges are based on the hours we spend on the project or a fixed fee. If we agree to work with you on a fixed fee, that is all you pay. There will be no hidden charges,  bills for phone calls, professional advice etc etc.  We do not pass on soft disbursements (such as photocopying charges) and charge fees for monitoring deadlines, booking files, etc.  We have flexibility in relation to costs and are more than willing to discuss different charging models to suit budgets and time frames, including retainer arrangement.   We do whatever we can to save you money.

On-going patent support

Our commercial background and on-going business support sets us apart.  As a Bluem client, we are committed to helping you unlock the full potential of your creative talent and will be as dedicated to your project, as you are. We don’t just compile and file. We compile, file, maintain, advise, guide and assist all the way. Aligning ourselves to your needs, we approach every project as a partnership. This means when you need help, assistance and support, you get it. 

Simply the best patent attorney agent creatives, inventors and innovators can work with. your patent knowledge is beyond compare. Truly outstanding.

E.F London

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