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Bluem - Patent Services in Leeds, UK

Bluem - Patent and Intellectual Property Services Leeds

Bluem - Patent Attorney in Leeds, UK

Services that Deliver

Robust commercial protection + business support = confidence. Whatever your objective, we’ll help you get there.

Our agency was founded on the vision to offer a more fluid and flexible approach outside of the traditional, rigid agency.   We don’t offer rinse and repeat strategies, we look at your project with a holistic view and tell you honestly what your options are and how to benefit from them.


Bluem - Patent Agent in Leeds, UK

Whether you simply need to secure and protect your creative work or take an entrepreneurial approach by monetising its potential, we have the flexibility and expertise to deliver your objective and goals.

Patent Protection Services

Patents protect products and or processes that contain new functional and or technical aspects. They are vital when investing in and pursuing research and development. Patents don’t just confirm legal ownership, they grant the legal right to exclusively produce, market and sell the technology within a specific territory, which potential buyers, licensees and investors require to collaborate with you.

Whether you require protection in the UK or wider field, we assess, search, advise and apply commercial logic to robustly secure your legal rights.


Patent and Trademark Attorney in Leeds, UK

Trademark  Services

Trademarks relate to words, slogans or logos and confirm the legal ownership of such, within a specific industry category or catgories. They serve as a mark / symbol of identification that differentiates goods and or services from those of the competition. They are vital when creating a brand and to protect the ‘symbol’ that customers recognise and connect with.

To secure the future of your brand, we assess, search, advise and apply future proofing to robustly protect the distinctive identity of your goods and services.  

Registered Design Services

Unlike a patent that is focused on technical aspects and functionality, design registration protects the distinctive features of a product or article, whether functionality exists or not. Design registration is a legal right that grants a monopoly on the use of a design / appearance that is fundamental to the look, feel and identity of a product or article.

Following class identification, we advise scope-out and robustly secure the unique features of your design and any similar variants thereof.  

Registered Design - Patent Attorney in Leeds, UK

Patent Infringement Insurance

Upholding your legal rights or defending an action made against you is expensive and prohibitive to those with limited available funds to pursue or defend the matter through the courts. Intellectual property insurance helps protect your asset and personal / business position by paying the legal costs to pursue or defend an infringement claim up to the policy limits.

Through our panel of insurance providers we provide the most appropriate cover to pay the costs to enforce your legal rights or defend a claim against you. 

Patent Infringement Insurance – Bluem Patent Attorney in Leeds, UK

Patent Valuations

Patent valuations
he value of intellectual property can differ significantly depending on your position and whether you are selling or buying. Quantifying the value of an IP asset (Patent, Trademark) is vital in strategic decision making, monetising and commercialising e.g. raising funds, joint ventures, mergers acquisitions and licensing. You cannot pluck a figure of the air and hope it sticks. You need to quantify it.


After landscaping and future scoping, our auditing team accurately access the current and potential value of your IP allowing informed business decisions to be made. 

Why Employ Bluem. Patent Agent Attorney Leeds

We are more than just an expert facilitator of IP services, we are a professional management team committed to helping you unlock the full potential of your creative talent.


Our strong commercial background in product development and design, branding, packaging and production, allows us (should you need it) to take a more hands-on approach in delivering your objective. 


This means we offer what no other agency offers and can see what others don’t see. Allowing quick identification of commercial issues and vital commercial direction that makes a tangible impact. ​

Apply for a Patent, Leeds, UK
  • Qualified and commercially on-point

  • Private individual specialists

  • Quality not quantity

  • Tailored solutions

  • 5 star client management

  • Free on-going business support

  • Transparent fees and no soft             disbursements ​ ​   

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