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Patent My Idea Invention - Bluem... Patent Attorney Agent Leeds UK

We are inventor and private individual Patent and Trademark specialists. Providing a complete range of Patent, Trademark services and business support in relation to all intellectual property matters.  

From drafting, compiling and filing a UK Patent application to negotiating licensing terms, we help inventors robustly secure their legal rights and power ahead.  

BloomIP Patent Agent Leeds. File a Patent. Inventor Specialists
Patent Agent Attorney. How to file a patent. Inventor Specialists
Bloom IP Patent Attorney Leeds. Patent an idea. Inventor Specialists

Our absolute adherence to invention commerciality and understanding of the realities our inventors face, sets us apart.

Only concentrating and offering support to new product ideas that have genuine business value, we provide the confidence that IP strategies applied translate into genuine meaningful results.   ​

Private Inventor patent specialists

Listening carefully and simplifying the patent jargon, we go the extra mile to ensure our clients have the best patent protection they genuinely need and on-going business support that powers growth.

Apply for a patent
UK patent application. Bloom IP Patent Attorney Leeds. Inventor Specialists
Quality not quantity

The quality and commerciality of the inventions we support is fundamental to our success - and our due diligence process maintains the standard.
We provide absolute patent clarity with none of the ‘fluff’.  We are honest, realistic and straight to the point. We don’t waste budget or time on the projects that are uncommercial or impractical.

Commercially focused

Creating a new product idea invention is great, but is it commercial and worth pursuing ? That’s why before we recommend moving patent protecting the invention, we undertake deep project and IP forensics,  including a free patent search, landscaping and profiling to establish patent viability and feasibility, novelty and inventive step, opportunities and potential oppositions.  

Information hub

Free patent information, insights, guidance, interesting reads and useful links that enlightens. educates and fills in the gaps.

Patent Attorney Leeds, Patent Agent Leeds, Inventor help
Free patent advice, Bloom IP, Patent Agent Leeds, Inventor Specialists
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