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The cost for IP insurance

Just like all other insurance, insurers decide on the cost of the premium based on the circumstances.

  • The type and level of cover you need.

  • What you are looking to insure.

  • The sector in which you operate.

  • The territorial scope of your protection.

The IP Enterprise Court

The IP Enterprise Court (IPEC) is intended to provide a less costly and less complex alternative to the Chancery Division of the High Court, particularly for small and medium sized organisations.

You can now buy policies which require lower levels of financial cover (‘indemnities’) as a result of the clearer costs in the IPEC. This means that premiums are lower for the levels of cover these policies provide.

Insurers will provide a premium quote once they receive the application and know the facts.

As a rough indication, £100,000 of cover costs around £1,500 for patents (and less for other rights), which can often be paid in instalments.

There are policies for sole use in the IPEC or you can get policies with higher cover which will offer you greater flexibility.

Domestic cover is cheapest followed by cover for Europe, worldwide cover excluding USA, and worldwide cover including USA.

The premiums you pay reflect the geographical cover you need and increase in line with the level of risk. Some types of cover for certain risks and technology sectors will need more careful consideration by insurers, particularly where they require higher levels of cover or wider geographical cover.

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