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The benefits of IP insurance

IP insurance may not be appropriate for every business: the price may be prohibitive because of the perceived risk. However, IP insurance has numerous potential benefits for helping protect your IP asset.

It can protect cash-flow.

It ensures any dispute and or litigation does not tie up your capital which could be used to develop your project or grow your business.

It can be a deterrent

It gives you the power to take action to enforce your legal rights where your financial position might not otherwise allow it. If a potential infringer knows you have cover to make a claim against them, it often reduces the likelihood of the offending party continuing with the infringement when challenged. Some insurers are happy for you to confirm in marketing literature or on websites that your IP is insured, alerting competitors that insurance is in place.

It can improve your negotiating position

Knowing you have the power and resources to go to court, often encourages the alleged infringer to negotiate or mediate. Also having the resources to take vital defensive action provides the bedrock to settle on good terms.

It provides licensees and investors with confidence.

Insurance reassures those wishing to collaborate with you that any investment they make will not be lost because you cannot fight infringers/invalidity challenges. Potential licensees will be assured in knowing you can take legal action and therefore are indemnified should such action be necessary.

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