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Bluem - Patent Attorney in Leeds, UK

About Bluem - Patent Trademark Attorney Agent in Leeds

We help creatives and innovative individuals obtain patent protection for their new product idea inventions by applying intelligent intellectual property strategies.

Bluem - Patent Agent in Leeds, UK

We provide a complete range of services and support in relation to all intellectual property matters. From drafting, compiling and filing a patent to negotiating licensing terms, we help creatives, innovators and inventors robustly secure their creative works and power ahead.  


Our technical expertise  combined with our product development business background means we offer what no other agency offers and can see what others cannot and don’t see.


Not restricted by structure or silos, we’re a flexible and agile team with sharp intelligence with years of IP and commercial experience  – this allows us to quickly identify commercial issues and provide vital commercial direction that makes a tangible impact.

Patent Lawyer in Leeds, UK

We have grown by understanding the practical and commercial realities our clients face and by creating supportive, dedicated and reactive partnerships.


Commerciality is at the heart of our agency and only concentrate and support projects that have genuine business value and in the your ‘best interests’. We don’t waste budget or time on projects that are uncommercial, impractical and will not deliver a benefit.


Our absolute adherence to commerciality not only ensures you have the best legal protection you genuinely need but the on-going business support that powers the project forward. We are more than your IP partner, we are your business partner. A commercial professional team committed to making sure you are fully equipped to unlock the full potential of your creative talent.     ​ ​

Patent Lawyer in Leeds, UK

Not all ideas can be patent protected and should be pursued. We’re always honest and realistic about the viability and feasibility of a new project and only concentrate on those that will drive genuine business value.


We don’t waste budget or time on projects that don’t, and wouldn’t expect you to do any different.   ​

IP Lawyer in Leeds, UK

Our absolute adherence to commerciality means – we’ll be as dedicated, reactive and supportive to your project as you would be. We guarantee to do all we can to robustly protect your legal rights and help optimise its potential. ​ ​

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